Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been a great, long while...

I haven't written anything on here since I got married! It's not that nothing interesting has happened, but, I guess I just haven't had the time. When I'm not at work, I'm at home working, or playing with my family, when I get the chance to even do that :)

I miss having downtime, but I've also begun to love sewing again. There was a point where I hated it, and didn't want to do anything, so getting back into enjoying it, is nice. I'm trying to make sense of my work schedule and new position at work. I'm now the Education Coordinator, but just trying to make it work within my first three days, is a little tricky. I need to make this work for the store. And make some changes to how its presented so it becomes more popular!!

Along the life side, we took a road trip to Denver in April to see the family and for Lily's birthday, which was alot of fun :) she had a blast at the zoo and aquarium! Maybe I'll blog more on the family visit soon, and post pictures.

Getting back on our feet has been difficult, it seems like a constant choice between groceries, and bills. And then its dire and we freak out. With a the additional hours I've been clocking in at work, hopefully it will help us out more, and things won't be so "AHH" all the time. Because of how stressful its been, I recently went through a loss, something that wasn't planned or expected, and unknown until after it was lost. It's been affecting me more now than it initially did. I'm  not even really sure what to think about it, other than really upset. But nothing more can be done right now so... on to life!

Hopefully with these extra hours too, we'll finally be able to budget Internet into our bills! That would be nice..

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